Hello. I'm Cole. 👋
Hello. I'm Cole. 👋

Hello. I'm Cole. 👋

Cybersecurity & IT Professional based in Denver, Colorado

I am a confident, fast-working and attentive team worker who has the necessary skills to not only keep your organization safe from cyber-attacks, but to also put systems in place that minimize risk and protect your assets. I have excellent problem-solving skills, I can think like a hacker, my technical competence is broad, and I have excellent communication skills and a passion for continual learning and development. I am comfortable working with different computer and operating systems; I can troubleshoot quickly and explain situations in plain English so everyone understands; I am highly-vigilant and detail-orientated and I will always work alongside co-workers and people within the organization to ensure we stay ahead of threats whilst eradicating our vulnerabilities and minimizing the risk. If you choose to hire me, you will be hiring somebody who is totally committed to your objectives, a decision maker who puts the needs of the business first, and somebody who will always ensure their technical knowledge and competence is up to speed in this fast-changing environment.
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About This Site

This site was made to serve as a basis for all things Cole. Here, you can find updated links to my social media, my updated resume, as well as information on any current projects I am involved with. You can also use my site as a point of contact regarding any sort of work, whether it be contractual or full-time employment.

What I Do

💻 Security Analysis

I utilize industry recognized best practices to protect computer networks from cyberattacks and unauthorized access. Using a combination of preventative measures and logs, I anticipate and defend against cyber threats, responding to security breaches if and when they might occur.

⛔️ Compliance Management

Using my knowledge of current threats and vulnerabilities, I use compliance management to continually define and update security policies, as well as audit for compliance within these policies and ensure that any instances of non-compliance are resolved.

🧭 Data Backup & Storage Solutions

I use industry recognized best practices in the process of monitoring, maintaining, testing, and deleting obsolete backups on a regular basis to ensure stored data is reliable, accessible and compliant with industry standards.

🚀 Cloud Engineering & Support

I plan, implement, maintain, manage, and support a wide range of cloud services from multiple providers ranging from Amazon Web Services, to Google Cloud Platform, to Microsoft Azure. These services have a wide range of uses and applications that can be catered to individual organizational needs.

🔎 Malware Response

I help identify and remediate any and all potential threats related to malware, viruses, and ransomware. Once these threats are detected, I follow proper procedure for quarantining affected devices and networks prior to eradicating the threat and restoring the system to a fully functional state.

👪 Identity & Access Management

I implement, maintain, and manage IAM systems to capture and record user login information, manage the enterprise database of user identities, and orchestrate the assignment and removal of access privileges.


More About Me

On days that my head is not buried in my computer, I like to enjoy the beautiful state of Colorado and all it has to offer. I am an avid hiker and love camping. I enjoy concerts and music festivals, especially bluegrass and funk. Although I’m not the best chef, I do enjoy eating great food, so I often find myself venturing to one of the many great restaurants in the Denver area (some of my favorites are Shells and Sauce, and Beyond Thai.) I am continuously educating myself, and am currently working on a Master of Science degree in Cybersecurity from the Metropolitan State University of Denver (2023 expected graduation.) I am also pursuing additional certifications, with the CompTIA Security+ being next in line. You can find a full and current list of my certifications and skills on my resume.
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That’s all, folks.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my site. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me, I am happy to discuss what I can bring to your organization or team!

If you like what I’m doing, feel free to buy me a coffee ☕️♥️


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